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Better Data, Better Decisions? Using Widely Available Information to Improve Literacy Intervention Identification

I combine information from a kindergarten entry assessment and a statewide longitudinal data system to explore how these emerging data could improve the accuracy of intervention identification. Manuscript available upon request.

Examining Early Literacy Skills in the Wake of COVID-19 Spring 2020 School Disruptions: Virginia Fall 2020 Statewide Screening Findings and Implications

We document large increases in the proportion of kindergarten and first-grade students identified as considerably behind in their acquisition of literacy skills in the fall of 2020 relative to prior years.

Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities in the Relationship Between Children's Early Literacy Skills and Third-Grade Outcomes: Lessons from a Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

We leverage unique data from a statewide kindergarten readiness assessment to explore whether the relationship between early skills and third-grade reading outcomes varies by race and socioeconomic status.

Professionalizing the Child Care Workforce through Credentialing: Lessons from Louisiana's Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate

Louisiana requires all lead teachers in publicly funded child care centers to earn a new credential called the Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate (ECAC). We administered a survey to leaders of programs that offer ECAC coursework to better understand the barriers that teachers face en route to earning the credential.

Inequities in Early Literacy Trajectories in Virginia

We identify racial and socioeconomic disparities in the likelihood that children will reach proficiency standards on their third-grade reading assessment even when comparing children that enter kindergarten with similar literacy skills.